Farrissey Lowloaders & Heavy Haulage

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Farrissey Transport, county Cork can operate a full load delivery and collection service of heavy haulage with our lowloaders to any part of Ireland.

Lowloaders & Heavy Haulage Solutions

Farrissey Lowloaders and Heavy HaulageSince 1975, Farrissey Transport LTD county Cork have been transporting heavy haulage with our lowloader trailers for our customers throughout Ireland. From humble beginnings we have grown to become one of county Cork's major freight companies. Our team of highly skilled and experienced drivers have transported large and heavy freight to every county in Ireland.

We also have a fleet of lowloaders trailers that are all maintained to the highest standard. Our fleet complies with Department of Food and Agriculture regulations. We maintain a wash record for each trailer and a record of the previous loads carried. We have several tippers available to suit all grains and feed. Bulk Tippers can be used to transport the following;

  • Grain
  • Bulk Feed
  • Mill Ingredients
  • Bulk Fertiliser
  • Coal

Farrissey Transport Fleet

We can supply the several trailer types such as, flats for pallet management or unusual loads, curtainsiders for pallet management, bulk tippers for agricultural purposes. We can also offer Moffet forklift attachments to facilitate easy loading and unloading for our customers.

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Farrissey Transport Contact Details

Mobile: 086 8242924 | Mobile: 086 8325300

Tel: 022 22137

Address: Ironmines, Mallow, Co Cork

Email: dfarrissey@gmail.com

About Us

Denis Farrissey Transport is a family operated business providing general haulage services to the Irish market. We are based in Mallow – the crossroads of Munster. The company has been operating since 1975 and we can offer a wide range of haulage services to our customers.

Our Transport Fleet

Our fleet consists of artics, rigids, tankers, bulk tippers, flat trailers, curtain siders, moffit attachments, telescopic loaders and also hedge cutters.

Haulage Services

Farrissey Transport LTD provide haulage solutions from our county Cork headquarters for our large customer base. We can transport a wide range of goods and cargo throughout Ireland and beyond.

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